甚至在2020年3月马尼拉压球app软件大学首次封锁之前, 世界本来就不稳定, 不确定的, 复杂的, 和模糊. The 新型冠状病毒肺炎 pandemic accelerated changes and highlighted vulnerabilities in all aspects of our lives. There is urgency for our institution and community to respond innovatively to society’s 复杂的 problems.

有鉴于此,大学领导层重新评估了现有的战略计划. 经过数月的磋商和审议, leaders and representatives of key stakeholder groups formulated a new strategic plan which will be implemented in the next decade. It addresses four major strategic priority areas, unified by three cross-cutting themes. From this University plan, units and offices will map out their own operational and master plans. Periodic reviews will be conducted to assess the continuing appropriateness and if necessary, 调整策略.

真正的依纳爵精神, the plan embodies the desire to effect self-trans形成 grounded in critical reflection and personal conversion that then seeks to effect societal trans形成. 正规压球网站下载app试图扩大其对社会的影响, the institution and the community remain anchored to its commitment to liberal education and holistic 形成, 以及菲律宾人的身份, 天主教和耶稣会的机构, 上帝的荣耀.




本着在多米诺做莱克丝的精神, 主的光, 压球app软件 University will be a force for good in seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to society’s most pressing challenges. 植根于菲律宾, 天主教, 和耶稣会值, 正规压球网站下载app will be a collaborative and engaged leader in the work of social trans形成 through education, 形成, 研究, 和社会接触.


作为一个大学, 马尼拉压球app软件寻求维护, 保存, and communicate truth and apply it to human development and the preservation of the Earth.

作为一所菲律宾大学, 马尼拉压球app软件寻求识别, 丰富, and embody Philippine 文化 and contribute to the development of the nation and the upliftment of Filipinos as part of the global community.

作为天主教大学, 马尼拉压球app软件寻求形成为他人服务和与他人合作的人, 跟随基督的教导和榜样, 将毕生致力于促进服务和正义, 尤其是对那些最需要帮助的人, 穷人, 和无能为力.

作为耶稣会大学, 压球app软件 seeks the goals of Jesuit liberal education through the harmonious development of moral and intellectual virtues. 充满了伊格纳提亚精神, the University aims to lead its students to see God in all things and to strive for the greater glory of God and the greater service of mankind.

马尼拉压球app软件大学通过卓越的教学寻求所有这些, 学习, and 形成; creation and advancement of knowledge through cutting-edge 研究 and creative work; cultivation of an 包容, 多样化的, and sustainable institution and community; and an expansive and immersive engagement with society.


在新型冠状病毒肺炎大流行之前, 技术一直在慢慢地改变教育的形式和形式. The global crisis accelerated that shift: lockdowns forced educational systems around the world to move to distance and digital modes in weeks, 通常需要数年才能完成的事情.

然而, 这种转变已经把全世界数百万的学习者甩在了后面, 尤其是在菲律宾, 因为在获取技术和其他学习资源方面存在不平等. 另一方面,同样的转变也带来了许多机会. 地理限制已经成为过去式, 允许人们随时随地学习. 技术进步为思想开辟了新的途径, 文化, 以及需要培养的价值观, 传播, 和繁荣.

马尼拉压球app软件在创新方面处于领先地位, 开放的前沿教与学, 包容, 以价值为基础的, 并对瞬息万变的世界做出回应.

气候危机现在威胁到人类的生存. The next few years will be the last chance to steer the course of the Earth away from certain doom. Society must address its need for growth and development and the stewardship of the Earth on behalf of future generations. 与此同时, humanity needs to ensure that this sustainable way of living ‘hears the cry of 穷人,“照顾社会边缘人群的需求.

墙内墙外, 马尼拉压球app软件应该在可持续和整体的人类发展中发挥领导作用. Caring for our common home and the welfare of all creation should be at the heart of all the University’s endeavors.

早在新型冠状病毒肺炎大流行之前,菲律宾的医疗保健系统就已经出现问题. 压球app软件曾是一个与营养不良等问题作斗争的国家, 生活方式疾病, and mental health issues; the pandemic exacerbated these problems. 全球卫生危机也进一步暴露了准备不足的效率低下, 资金不足, 以及被忽视的医疗系统. 如果不解决, 国家的健康将陷入困境, and the Philippines will not be prepared to face future pandemics that will undoubtedly plague the world.

The nation's public health system is in need of leadership that can help nurse it back to health, 并帮助它避免未来的疾病. 这是马尼拉压球app软件能够带来的一种领导力, 的包容性, 护理, 和同情.

The world is divided along numerous fault lines: social, 经济, 政治, geographical. 社交媒体和互联网, 曾经被誉为沟通的民主化, 现在已经被武器化用来散播谎言和仇恨了吗. 世界从未像现在这样两极分化, 有人被困在回音室里, shutting out ideas and voices that diverge even the slightest bit from what they believe in. 世界需要团结起来解决问题——但首先, 人们需要弥合彼此之间的鸿沟, 专注于那些团结的事物, 而不是那些分裂的.

Reconciliation and healing in society will only begin once people recognize that there is a diversity of ideas and experiences. 马尼拉压球app软件可以成为一个平台,将人们聚集在一起, 开放, 和尊重的对话, 让他们更好地了解彼此, 克服差异, 一起行动,创造一个更美好的世界.


三个共同主题将四个战略重点领域联系在一起. These themes are key to the effective realization of the priority areas within and outside the University.


数字技术已经并将继续彻底改变世界. It will no longer be an ancillary but rather a fundamental component of 21st century life. 作为一个结果, 使用数字硬件和软件, navigating communication spaces and mining and interpreting voluminous data will be basic required literacies along with reading, 写作和计算能力. The University’s capacity to work with digital technology has to be significantly bolstered so that it can properly train responsible citizens and leaders of the 21st century. The use of digital technology will likewise be critical in supporting and scaling up institutional efforts in social engagement.


在一个颠覆成为常态的世界里,终身学习至关重要. The University currently offers many continuing education programs but will need to expand this in numbers, 格式, modality and even credentialing processes if it were to meet the demands of the relentless pace of change.


The challenges we face today are 复杂的 and occur naturally in spaces that are not clearly defined - they go beyond traditional boundaries, 物理或. 根据它们的性质和范围, solutions to these problems demand collaboration across traditional disciplines and various sectors of society. 马尼拉正规压球网站下载app必须扩张, 丰富 and further leverage these partnerships to be able to effectively lead in finding solutions to emerging challenges.